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5W RGB Laser For LaserMan Show
Model:LM M5D
5W RGB Laser For LaserMan Show

5W RGB Laser For LaserMan Show / LM M5D Technical Parameters:

Operating voltage: 190-230V 50-60Hz
Power Consumption:75VA
Optical Output:5W
Laser Balance:
1W 635nm Red
2W 532nm Green
2W 447nm Blue
Scanning System: DT-30K 30K Max.60Deg
Interface: ILDA DB25 IN/OUT Neutrik Power-Con
Cooling mode:Fan Cooling System
Control software: PHOENIX4/Pangolin/Moncha
Size: 52 * 38 * 20cm
Net Weight: 18kg
Flight Case: 16KG
Total weight: 34KG

It is kind of laser man show projector for use in major venues,which is including laser system, signal lines, animation software, glass stage, two handheld laser and laser man show program.

  LM-M5D _ Laser Man Show Projector

LM-M5D RGB laser show projector can be used for laser man show, but also can be used as a stage laser show like common type Pico-6 5th   .

What would the user mostly concert about the laser system?

1.      If the weight was too heavy to transport or transit

2.      Whether the system give sufficient power output of brightness

3.      If the angle of the projection is sorrow for cover whole stage

4.      If the optical module would get dirty lead cause of function fault or brightness loss

5.      Did the laser show projector have a good cost performance ratio, according to its’ lifetimes and performance or price.

6.      What if the laser system was fault while performing, which would be a tragedy.

So when you choose this product, all above of these will solve.

It can be used in laser man show or stage laser show, as well the animation display for it has equipped with Phoenix and self-developed ILDA system.

Self Industrial Design: The housing use in solid aviation aluminum which decreases the weight of device and improves the overall strength, while we give it a fashion and high hidden-visibility exterior.

The fixed handle using in unique damping design, use it you can operate any rotation angle of projection in one hand. Beside the fully sealed and IP67 waterproof section, fix up more quarantine to protect the corn section.

Self-developed laser ILDA-AMP has been pre-installed inside, it allows you to use longer ILDA signal lines to control, interference and graphics jitter will not occur.

For the self-developed temperature control system, the projector can operate at minus 20 degrees to plus 40 degrees ambient temperature, and to have independent over-temperature protection, you no longer need to worry about delicate laser because of overheating and damage. The fan speed linear control by MCU, the projector will function in quite while in the normal temperature. You can use it in a theater while the device will not influent the relaxed atmosphere.
     Design for ILDA Standard. But you also can control by DMX or SD-card player. You can use the potentiometer to adjust the Laser projector output brightness foreach color and X/Y size. It have a very good design is the convert X/Y button.
Use it you can very fast to setup the X or Y image mirror.

 Suitable venues:
      Small and medium area<300

 Outdoor laser displays

 Wedding, laser man show, rental service.

01.Aug 2018

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