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10W Green Laser For LaserMan Show
Model:LM G10D
10W Green Laser For LaserMan Show
ILDA-AMP  indoor use Use on stage Use in night club 

10W Green Laser For LaserMan Show / LM G10D Technical Parameters:

Operating voltage: 190-230V 50-60Hz
Optical Output:10W
Power Consumption:260W
Laser Module:JC 10W
Laser Balance: 532nm Single Green
Scanning System: DT-30K 30K Max.60Deg
Interface: ILDA DB25 IN/OUT NeuTrik NAC3FCA
Cooling mode: Auto Fan Cooling System
Control software: PHOENIX4/Pangolin
Size: 52 * 38 * 20cm
Net Weight: 19kg
Flight Case: 16KG
Total weight: 35KG

1.Interface of ILDA and Db25 is replaced by the imported gold plated transmission interface.
2.A substantial increase in plug life,The tightness and the contact area are also greatly improved, which ensures the stable transmission of the signal of the device
3.X/Y size integradted switch,cover by imported plated transmission interface
4.Plus the size of the X/Y axis adjustment knob, you can quickly adjust the size of the output image
5.We add the brightness adjustment knob, when needed, such as the site is relatively small or practice, customers can reduce the brightness of the laser light to ensure the safety of the use of laser system.

Nano-G10D_Laser Man Show Projector        

It is kind of laser man show projector for use in major venues, which is including laser system, signal lines, animation software, glass stage, two handheld laser and laser man show program.

Nano-G10D LM---- Laser Man Show Projector
      Nano-G10D LM is one of the high power laser show projector needs good laser performance of equipment. In the case of no increase in the volume, we increase the laser module output power up to 10W.

For the self-developed temperature control system, the projector can operate at minus 20 degrees to plus 40 degrees ambient temperature, and to have independent over-temperature protection, you no longer need to worry about delicate laser because of overheating and damage. The fan speed linear control by MCU, the projector will function in quite while in the normal temperature.

Self-developed laser ILDA-AMP has been pre-installed inside; it allows you to use longer ILDA signal lines to control, interference and graphics jitter will not occur.

Ideal suitable for theaters, concert halls and other equipment that there are strict requirements for noise.
     Suitable case:
      Indoor venues area<500㎡,height<10
      Outdoor laserdisplays and graphics
      Wedding, lasershows, concerts and rental service

01.Aug 2018

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