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25W OPSL Laser System
Model:PICO-25 OPSL
25W OPSL Laser System
ILDA-AMP  Network Control DMX-512 Auto Run Mode outdoor use Use on stage 

25W OPSL Laser System / PICO-25 OPSL Technical Parameters:

Power requirements: 110-230V/50Hz (±5%)
Consumption: max. 650VA
Total optical output: 26W
Laser module:Kvant
Laser Balance(R/G/B):
8W/532nm Coherent OPSL
Beam diameter: 6.5mm
Divergence: <0.8mrad
Modulation: 0-5V analog, up to 100kHz TTL
Scanner Set:CT-6215 Large 30Kpps Max.80Deg
Input connector: ILDA IN DB25 male
Output connector: ILDA OUT DB25 female
Operation temperature:
10℃ to 35°C (Standard)
-20℃ to 40℃ (Temp. Control System)
Weight: 40kg

           Pico-25 OPSL laser show projector(Pico Series) 

Pico-25 OPSL is suitable for great outdoor displays upgraded up Pico-25 system. A bit difference that the green laser module is United States coherent laser, wavelength as 532nm, the blue laser module we arrange that combined wavelength as 445nm+460nm ,which has 150% brightness of original module. Finally we fix up the red Kvant laser module and assemble a deluxe laser system that better adaptability of outdoor venues.

Why we choose the coherent instead the Kvant one?

What I mean that OPSL technology?

OPSL technology is the patent technology of theUnited Statescoherent laser company. The 8W laser module we choose that has only 2.3mm spot diameter and the divergence angle of 0.6-0.8.

         Pico-25 OPSL_Laser show projector_Supercan

That means you can get more brightness laser in quite a long distance due to the projector performance greatly improve. You can use to mean that laser light up ambient environment with vibrant color. I believe the mixing light that better white balance is going to stun you. Also you can get tuhao gold and kinds of gold yellow laser on theory.

CT-6215,the USA Cambridge Technology world ahead product, the laser through CT-6215 that has almost 80 degrees which you find that sufficiency voltage.


By the way, we believe this is first profession projector manufacture which has 25W sufficient voltage and 80 degrees divergence angle and scanning speed of 30Kpps around the Asia.

Self-developed laser ILDA-AMP has been pre-installed inside; it allows you to use longer ILDA signal lines to control, interference and graphics jitter will not occur.

In 0-5V input drive signal, the laser driver circuit can provide up to 100 kHz switching frequency. If the case of each RGB color has 100 kHz modulation speed, in theory, you can get 360 000 color output.

For the self-developed temperature control system, the projector can operate at minus 20 degrees to plus 40 degrees ambient temperature, and to have independent over-temperature protection, you no longer need to worry about delicate laser because of overheating and damage. The fan speed linear control by MCU, the projector will function in quite while in the normal temperature.


Suitable case:

The venues that need good quality and stable laser device

Great show and concert,  indoor and outdoor displays.

ANNOUNCEMENT: This kinds of landmark laser projector is self-developed by Supercan CO.,LIT, which is the only official certificated productions in mainland China.
Do not believe other websites false info; my company reserves the right to pursue legal action.

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02.Apr 2018

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