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3D Laser Man Show Laser Projector
3D Laser Man Show Laser Projector
ILDA-AMP  indoor use Use on stage Safety key 

3D Laser Man Show Laser Projector / PICO-3D Technical Parameters:

Power requirements: 110-230V/50Hz (±5%)
Consumption: max. 150VA
Total optical output: 3.2W
Laser module:(Kvant form SK)
637nm 680mW
520nm 1000mW
445nm 1600mW
Beam diameter: 3.5x4.5mm
Divergence: <0.8mrad
Modulation: 0-5V analog, up to 100kHz TTL
Scanner set:DT-30 30Kpps Max.60Deg
Input connector: ILDA IN DB25 male
Output connector: ILDA OUT DB25 female
Operation temperature: 10-35°C
Operation pannel:individual controller(see feature below)
Weight: 8.9kg

3D laser man show projector
1.Laser module entirely manufactured in Europe.
2.High quality laser module, unique design.
R/G/B (mW):680/1000/1600.
3.Black paint Stretching aluminum housing
4.Fully sealed optical section, IP67 waterproof seal power driver
5.The optical bench by suspension design
6.ILDA Standard, also DMX or SD-card controlled
7.Individual controller for brightness and X/Y size, easy setup and use the X/Y mirror.
8.Self-developing handle design, use it for hanging in any rotation angle, or portable.

Pico-3-3D Laser Man Show Projector

This is a professional 3d multi color laser show projector suitable for laser man show, give vibrant RGB color and stunning beam effect, get the stage atmosphere up immediately.

Its' all laser diodes module entirely manufactured in Europe, for brighter more vibrant colors and longer lifetimes, give better beam effect. What you wondering is that projector just 3W output but give 5W expression, thanks to our unique design! So comes to your laser man show , all you need is to get ready to rock the stage up.

The fixed handle using in unique damping design, use it you can operate any rotation angle of projection in one hand, as well very easy to and install operate. Yet in the use of laser man show case, you need to set it about 30 degree upalong.
       Class 2 safety, that dancer do not have to  wear safety gear from suffering laser damage your eyes and skin.However we still suggest dancers gear up.

Suitable venues:

Outdoor laser displays

Wedding, laser man show, rental service.

01.Aug 2018

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