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5W Green Laser For LaserMan Show
5W Green Laser For LaserMan Show
 indoor use 

5W Green Laser For LaserMan Show / LM-HB-5G Technical Parameters:

Operating voltage: 190-240V 50-60Hz
Optical Output:5000mW
Power Consumption:350W
Laser Module:520nm Diode Laser
Scanning System: DT-50B 50Kpps
Interface: ILDA DB25 IN/OUT NeuTrik NAC3FCA
Cooling mode: Fan Cooling
Control software: PHOENIX4/Pangolin/Moncha/Fiesta
Size: 52 * 38 * 20cm
Net Weight: 15kg
Flight Case: 15KG
Total weight: 30KG


It is kind of laser man show projector for use in major venues,which is including laser system, signal lines, animation software, glass stage, two handheld laser and laser man show program.

G5D----Single Green laser man show projector 

This is a 5W single green laser show projector ,suitable for laser man show, give vibrant green laser beam and stunning beam effect, get the stage atmosphere up immediately.

Its’ all laser diodes module entirely manufactured in Europe, for brighter more vibrant colors and longer lifetimes, give better beam effect. 

Self-developed temperature control system is built-in the device; LWS-5 has good  operation in -20℃ to 40℃ occasions; while this fan cooling system has only 30% noise compare with the same kind of production. 


The fixed handle using in unique damping design, use it you can operate any rotation angle of projection in one hand, as well very easy to and install operate. Yet in the use of laser man show case, you need to set it about 30 degree upalong.
       Class 2 safety, that dancer do not have to  wear safety gear from suffering laser damage your eyes and skin.However we still suggest dancers gear up.

Suitable venues:

Outdoor laser displays

Wedding, laser man show, rental service.


31.Dec 2018

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