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C-Warm Sky Row Lighting
C-Warm Sky Row Lighting
DMX-512 Auto Run Mode indoor use Use on stage Use in night club 

C-Warm Sky Row Lighting / LD102-36xA2W Technical Parameters:

Rated Voltage: AC90~240V 50-60Hz
Rated Power: 125W
LED Chips: 12x3200K + 12x Amber + 12x 6000K
Control Mode: DMX-512 / Automatic
DMX-512 Channels: 5CHs
Beam Angle: 60°
Dimensions: 536 x 104 x 147.5 mm
N.W.: 3.1kg

LD102F-36xA2W is a color temperature controlled white light with controllable color temperature and wide color gamut.
It adopts triple color temperature leds, the color temperature is 3200K / Amber / 6000K. 
The color temperature can be controlled separately by DMX-512.
Both the power supply and the DMX interface are designed with in-put&out-put, which is convenient for the array installation.

Sky Row Lighting

12.Oct 2019

C-Warm Sky Row Lighting
C-Warm Sky Row Lighting
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