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3W RGB Laser Projector
Model:My Lite X3
3W RGB Laser Projector
ILDA-AMP  indoor use Use on stage Use in night club 

3W RGB Laser Projector / My Lite X3 Technical Parameters:

Power requirements: 190-240V/50Hz (±5%)
Consumption: Max.400/VA
Total optical output: 3.3W
Laser Module: 637nm 680mW / 520nm 1,100mW / 445nm 1,600mW
Beam diameter: 3.5x4.5mm
Divergence: <0.8Mrad
Modulation: 0-5V analog, up to 100kHz TTL
Scanner set:DT-30 30Kpps Max.60Deg
Input connector: ILDA IN DB25 male
Output connector: ILDA OUT DB25 female
Operation temperature: 0℃ to 35℃
Weight: 8.9kg

1.Scanner Fail & Safety Function.
a) When the scanner feeback fail will stop the laser output <50ms
b) When the scanner scan angle <5% (Full angle signle<=10V) will stop the laser output <50ms
You can use Network / Mobile / DMX to control the Laser, also have autostart function.
3.Pangolin FB4
You can use Pangolin Beyond or Quickshow to control the Laser.

3W Muilt-Color Lasers

My Lite X3 is an muilt color laser system. optical output > 3000mW.

Mainly used in the night club laser and the laser performance project.

The newly designed 360 degree handle allows the laser to be hoisted and projected at any angle at any point. It is suitable for the laser engineering of the night club and the laser engineering of the gymnasium.

The laser radium radium lamp handle is designed with large size aperture, and any caliber lamp hook screw can be fixed.

The red, green and blue laser of this My Lite X3 laser uses a single wavelength laser diode of 638nm / 525nm / 450nm, and the structure is simple and durable. The laser current is less than 2A, and the peak load is less than 400W in the state of AC220V power supply.

This laser driver up to 50kHz, making this laser system brighter and more hierarchical.

With DT-30 dragon scanner, this scanner system has always been to superior performance, long life time. The scanning angle of the laser animation is 60 degrees, the speed is 30Kpps.

21.Apr 2019

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