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My Ray series Laser projectors are using KVNAT's Laser module from European.
SUPER-CAN build the electronic part and Housing.
We build it a lot of different on the PICO Series laser systems, for sure this is not KVNAT Laser anymore.
This is a very very powerful multi-color laser projector system.
With high quality beam and special cooling control system.
Its work enviorment temperature range could be from -20 to 40 deg. 
First of all,the fan which has linear speed controlled by MCU,  if the laser diode is not very hot, the MCU will slow down the fan's speed, so this make the projector has very small noise. Especially for high-end elegant indoor show, this is very important, because this is the first empression giving to your clients.
This is not just a common stantard fan control part, we spend about 2 years in testing each kind of laser work on different temperature, and finally got the set point.
We all adopt KVANT's Diode laser module
High frequency laser driver. 0-5V analog signal input upgrade to 100kHz TTL 
When it is 100kHz for each color,  then you can get about 36.0000 colors output.
The beam size and beam angle of the R G B color almost the same! 
Beam size <6.5mm, and It have very small angle, long distance you will get more powerful beam.
Comparing with the old laser diode, the same power output,but longer distance of the visibility.

We use stantard meanwell powersupply which have 5 years warranty.
We promise you the quick, efficiant, patiently service aftersales no matter where you are!

03.May 2018
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