We are SUPERCAN Light, a manuafacturer of your Stage laser projectors  /  LED Lightings / Circuits. Located in Foshan city, Guangdong province, China.

Mechanical Engineering


SUPERCAN Light company was founded in 2009, our factory was founded in 2011. 

We have our own mechanical designing at the very begining in 2009. 

Our own mechanical design team and CNC machines alows us to make the products are unique in the world. 

An idea to become true, just taking a few days. Why not have a try?

PCBA Research & Development


We have more than 10 years experiences of electronic circuits development. More than 90% of our final product’s PCBA designed by ourslef. We located in Foshan city near HongKong and Shenzhen in China, there are complete industrial chain here. The PCB sample’s leading time just take 48 hours; more than 1 meter FR4 or aluminum PCBs are available as well. These help us to develop electronic circuits and make samples in a short time.

Our SMD supplier which can support us small quantity order for BGA and FPGA SMD service make the special circuits for the project engineering or some urgent order are possible now.

Software and Firmware


We using ARM 32bit MCU for 95% of products. Because of its rapid and lower cost, we can create a pretty new product without any pressure by using ARM platform. Besides, we have our own programer team to make the service for some urgent orders.

We create the devices for: Laser / LED / UV/ UVC / DMX-512 / TCP / UDP / iot / GPS / GPRS / Sensor ect.


We are supplying our clients with a considerable number of Laser / Lighting / Control projects per year, the products include: Laser control parts / Special stage lighting or machine / Hotel dimming systems / Museum Lighting systems / Luxury cruise lighting systems / Artistic creation etc.

Customer First Service

We created an online order record system for our clients since 2012. It’s an online system to check all the order details for all our clients who placed order even the sample orders, clients can check what we do everyday and the situation for each order. It is very convenient and important for us to know the status of the production and to make the neccessary decision if we need.