Stage LED Lighting From SUPERCAN Light

SUPERCAN Light design and producing stage LED lighting.  

All the electronic part and the firmware created by ourselves. 

Nowadays, we have several series LED products to meet the clients’ demands. 

  • MyBeam series LED Beamer(Very small beam angle for special effects), design for events / shows / night-club.
  • Mybar series, it’s sole bar stage LED lighting suitable for Art projects professional. It’s individual controlable,  and each pixel output up to 12W. 
  • LD102 series,  short bar are very convenient for installation, it’s suitable for all occasions!

Wireless Batteries LED BAR

Batteries LED Bar

Wireless is Ready!


8x 10W RGBW LEDs, 18x2500mA Batteries, Total 180WH. Single color can be light up >24Hours.

36x RGBW XPE LED Lamps.


DMX-512 RDM Function is Ready!

10x15W LED Pixel Beam (4°) Stage Lighting

MyBeam X10 LED Pixel Bar, check it out!

10x15W RGBW LED chips, Lens Angle 4°

Can you imagining the effects of 10x15W RGBW with focus lens pixel BEAMER?
Let’s check the video and you will see how strong and sharp beam it is.

  • 1-Metre-Long,  very convenient to combin any modelling you like.
  • Impressive output. Adopts 10x15W RGBW Osram LED chips.
  • Individually control, high speed driver with S-PWM technology.
  • Lens angle: 4°.
  • DMX-512 control mode: 9Chs/45Chs.

6x12W LED Pixel Bar

MyBar X6 Pixel Bar

Model name: MyBar X6. It’s an 6 pcs 12W RGBW 4in1 pixel bar.

  • Unit length 60cm, You can combine more MyBar X6 into a series without space.
  • It adopts 6pcs 12W RGBW CREE LED chips.
  • LED display standard high speed pixel driver with S-PWM technology.
  • Lens angle: 45°
  • DMX-512 control mode: 8Chs/24Chs/48Chs.
  • Wipes&Pixel-Mapping effects/Selectable/ 16Bit Dimming

RGBW 4in1 Stage Flood Light

Stage Flood Light

Model name: LD102-36044. This is an 120W RGBW 4in1 Flood Light. All the occassions are suitable, you will check it out that its really a powerfull fixture! 

  • It adopts 36pcs 4W RGBW 4in1 LED chips. 
  • Beam angle 60°
  • DMX-512 channels available: 8Chs/24Chs/48Chs.
  • Smooth dimming curves/ Saturated colors/ Flawless color mixing
  • Fantastic 60cm-long Washlight
  • Down light,vertical toning strip, foot light…

True Color RGB Stage Flood Light

Stage Flood Light

LD102-36033, 120W true color RGB 3in1 LED flood light. You can use for Restaurant and Theatre.

  • 36x3W RGB LED chips. 
  • Beam angle 60°
  • DMX-512 control mode: 8Chs/24Chs/48Chs.
  • New dimming linear correction electronic part and firmware. (Comming soon..)

Color Temperature Flood Light

Stage Flood Light

LD102-A2W, Color temperature flood light with 3 kinds of different color: cool white / warm white / amber. You can control its color temperature from 3200K to 6500K, and Amber can support more width temperature for your lighting cue.

  • 12 pcs 3W 6500K cool white LEDs.
  • 12 pcs 3W 3200K warm white LEDs.
  • 12W Amber 585nm LEDs for correction. 
  • Beam angle 60°
  • DMX-512 control mode: 3Chs/24Chs/48Chs.

How We build a stage lighting?

Step1: Listen to the clients and write down the ideas.
Step2: Try our best to find the best and fast solutions.
Step3: 3D module drawing.
Step4: PCB drawing.
Step5: Start to install the basic sample within 1 week.
Step6: Programming the firmware.
Step7: Completely testing.
Step:8 Share the videos with clients and collecting the feedbacks to get the optimization model. 
Step9: Final testing.
Step10: Ready for mass production…