DIN MIDI Controller

DIN MIDI Controller Receive RS485 data or DMX-512 Data. Transmit MIDI data a via the DIN-5pins MIDI port. To control the other device.

You can use this DIN MIDI Controller to control the lighting console, Video controller, Muilt-media station ect.

Type-C USB power

MIDI controller get the power form any kind of USB power supply or PC or Lighting console..

TRS to DIN-5 MIDI Cable

Plug-in the TRS connector to controller, DIN-5 connector to the other device. Everything done!

Signal Input

Receive the RS-485 usart data or DMX-512 data via XLR adpter. 

Power & Signal LEDs

Red LED for 5V power, Green LED for signal Act.

When the controller received a correct frame, the green LED ON, the input date will convert to standard MIDI signal and goes out.