What is SDP?

SDP is Scanner Driver Protection function. This circuits are using a high speed MCU to monitor the scanner driver current and the laser blanking.

2 Reason will damage the laser

How it works?

We have programming a micro-controller  to monitoring the galvo in real-time. Including current, input signal, mirror position ect. Because exactly know the mirror position. So, the scanner fail function also in possibile.

The functuin will update the score in a scoring system each 25 millisecond  .

  1. If the score over than the pre-set. the laser OFF signal will send out to the ILDA Pannel to stop the laser output, and then switch OFF the scanner input.
  2. Holding the laser OFF and scanner OFF for 15 seconds. We hope the end-user found the scanner gets problem, and also for cool down the galvo.
  3. After 15 seconds, the scanner input will trun ON, the laser output signal will send to the ILDA Pannel.
  4. Restart the scoring system.

This is a sample and useful circuits.

Over Driver Shut Down

Lower Heating