1W RGB Animation Laser Projector


This is our classic RGB full color laser series. Since the laser diode upgrade fast, many laser companies stoped producing this kind of laser because of the lower profits and behindhand technological updating.

The pretty new physical design and high qualified components help us to gain the yield up to  >200pcs/day.

This item is the best choice for the beginner of laser projector user.


SD Card ILDA Show Player

You can save your ILDA show to the SD Card. Playback with DMX-512, Auto Play, Sound Active..

  • This economy laser projector can be used for family party and small clubs.
  • 1~2W output of RGB full color diode lasers.
  • 20Kpps scanner.
  • Control by DMX-512 / ILDA / Sound-Active.
  • LCD display.
  • With Safety-Key and Remote.
  • OEM/ODM service available, MOQ = 50pcs

File to download

Drawing, User's Manual ect..