My Lite X4

My Lite X4 stage laser show projector adopt Fiber laser diode.
It has smaller beam size and smaller beam angle.
You will see the beam is more sharp.
We adpot the standard 30Kpps scanner, scan angle up to 60Deg.
Design for night club laser project and stage laser show.

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Today X4 Upgrade to Fiber Laser Diode

Smaller beam angle and sharp beam!!

My Lite X4 new stage laser module:

Fiber Stage Laser Module

Red laser using fiber lasers, optical power up to 0.7W.

Green and blue laser using telephoto lens, special design for this laser module.

This is a 3 layers lens structure. We use this lens to get smaller beam angle without any prisms.

Longer life time diode laser.

Because RGB all color are diode lasers, itself have very long life time.

It just can be damage the diode laser only because the ESD or current over driver problem.

But We have own digital laser driver technology. It always monitor the temperature and driver current all the time. It could not be a happen.

Same price get more power:

For night-club or stage laser project, the end customer always sensitive to laser output power.

If you choose My Lite X4, it’s not be a question.

Lets calculate this laser each color’s power:638nm-0.7W + 520nm-2.0W + 445nm-2.0W = 4.7W.

3w rgb laser front view

My Lite X3 stage laser show projector front view

Very small and delicate.

3w rgb back pannel

Rear pannel: Use longer ILDA cable is possible.

ILDA-AMP has been pre-installed inside, it allows you to use longer ILDA cable to control Your lasers. Interference and graphics jitter will not occur.


Suitable case:Venues, Laser man show, Wedding etc.

Additional information

Weight 8.9 kg
Dimensions 28.1 × 26.8 × 17.3 cm
Laser Power

4W RGB, Red: 700mW, Green: 2,000mW, Blue: 2,000mW


DT30 30Kpps, Max.60Deg