DMX HDMI Video Player V3

Use DMX-512 to control video playback without PC, 1920x1080 Full HD HDMI output.

DMX HDMI Player Front

if You want to use DMX-512 to control the video playback. Here is the solution.

1. Storage the video file to the SD card. This device can support Max. 256GB SD card, 255x Video files.

2. DMX-512 Address setup by TFT screen.

3. Power by TYPE-C standard, 5V@300mA

4. Use DMX-512 Lighting console to select the video file.

5. Start to play / Pause / Stop can be control by a DMX slider.


6. Audio output can be setup through the HDMI or analog stereo TRS adapter, volume control by DMX.

7. HDMI V1.4 standard output. Max resolution 1920×1080

8. XLR connector for DMX-512 protocol.

DMX HDMI Player Rear