My Lite X6

My Lite X6, 6W Fiber Laser Module. Red Laser: 1,600mW, Green Laser: 2200mW, Blue Laser: 2,800mW. DT 30Kpps Hight Speed Scanner.


My Lite X6 is our new stage laser light. Red Laser: 1,200mW, Green Laser: 2,200mW, Blue Laser: 2,800mW. Real 40Kpps DT Hight Speed Scanner.

We always ask: why the stage laser light just have 2 years warranty?

Since the new diode laser technology push on the market. The laser diode life time similar like the LED diode. You can not really calculate how long time it can used. But We found most of the problem is from the electronic part. Maybe the component life time not enough, maybe the electronic design not good enough, maybe the cooling not enough..

Even so many maybe, But We can promise from now on.

5 Years Warranty Stage Laser Light

Longer warranty time because We choose the best materials and good design.

New Laser Module & Digital Driver

The new Laser module You can get the very sharp beam.
We adopt the fiber lens for the laser diode.
The most important is the new driver can be let the heating lower 50% or more.Event You turn ON the laser 7*24 hours for standby your laser show. Don’t be worry about the life time like before.

Touch-Designer & Pangolin Kinetic Lights Available

More and more end customer using streaming controller to control the stage laser light. Like the interactive laser show and Kinetic Lights.
My Lite X6 is ready for control by Touch-Designer.

SUPER-CAN development a new electronic part to protect the scanner which run on the streaming media software like Touch-Designer. This electronic part is SDP. Most of the stage laser light scanner driver position response is very slow. if the position response too slow, the scanner driver always driver very high current to the galvo. Just a few minute the galvo will get very hot until damage. That’s why We need the SDP. SDP can protect your scanner very well.

Additional information

Weight 8.9 kg
Dimensions 28.1 × 26.8 × 17.3 cm
Laser Power

6W RGB, Red: 1,600mW, Green: 2,200mW, Blue: 2,800mW


DT30 30Kpps, Max.60Deg