We put the 5 colors or 6 colors LEDs into this B class LED BAR housing.

Can be choose R/G/B/W/Y or R/G/B/W/P/Y LEDs, both are total 420W chips.



5 kind of color's Yellow are amber wave in 589nm.

6 kind of color's Purple are UV wave in 395nm.

  • 10W LED Packages.
  • 5 Color LED with R/G/B/W/Y
  • 6 Color LED with R/G/B/W/P/Y

* We have make the thermal analysis simulation with this housing, it only cooling down about 150W heat source. So, even the LED itself can driver up to 420W power, but it only can work on 150W. So, this LED also have a very long life time.

B3604 Stage LED BAR adopt super wash reflection. 

  • Mixer-up the color more smooths.
  • 6pcs LEDs high density.
  • Diffusion angle 60 degree.

B3604 Stage LED BAR support DMX RDM Protocol

  • You can use any kind of DMX-512 controller which has RDM function.
  • Change the DMX address via RDM.
  • Change the DMX channel mode via RDM.
  • Change the device lable via RDM.
LED BAR B3604 Glass Window

On top cover We choose the high transmittance PMMA material. The light can through the material > 93%.