FB4 Switch Pannel


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DC 12~24V input, Max.100mA.

For laser projector which need to build-in FB4 and ILDA input.

Auto swtich extern ILDA signal and FB4 signal.

When the ILDA plug-in, the signal will swtich to extern signal, else switch to local FB4.

Pin to Pin input from Power / FB4 / ILDA port.

Pin to Pin output to FB4 Power / Network Switch Power / Laser Signal and Power / DT Scanner Signal and Power.

X/Y Rail to Rail output, Max.+/- 10V

Blanking signal Rail to Rail output, Max. +5.0V

FB4 Blanking Input To Output

This is the oscilloscope image between FB4 Blanking to output. CH1 = Blanking input from FB4. CH2 = Output connector to laser driver.